Notion Concentration Companion Sticker Bundle

Matt Shelton
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Do you find yourself getting distracted and struggling to maintain motivation while working on tasks?

You're not alone. Countless individuals face the same challenges, and it's time to find a solution that works for you...

Unlock the Power of Lovable, Interactive Concentration Companions Designed to Keep ADHD Minds Engaged and Focused!

Our Concentration Companions are not your average productivity tool. These lovable, interactive creatures – Poppy the Panda, Buzz the Bee, and Finn the Frog – are specifically designed to help those with ADHD stay focused on their tasks. As you progress through your task, your companion will transform from black and white to full color, and on your last click, they'll animate and dance to celebrate your accomplishments!

Experience the Revolutionary Focus-Boosting Technique: Positive Reinforcement and Incremental Progress.

The Concentration Companions work by leveraging the power of positive reinforcement and incremental progress. Each click rewards you with a small dose of dopamine, boosting your motivation and helping you stay focused. As you complete your task, you'll be able to watch your companion come to life, culminating in a celebratory dance that leaves you feeling accomplished and ready to tackle your next challenge.

Immerse yourself in the world of Concentration Companions and let Poppy, Buzz, and Finn become your ultimate allies in conquering distractions and achieving your goals!

📚 The Adventures of the Concentration Companions (Chapters 1 & 2):

Chapter 1:

Life in the Enchanted Forest In the heart of the Enchanted Forest, a magical place filled with wondrous creatures and breathtaking beauty, three animal friends lived together: Poppy the Panda, Buzz the Bee, and Finn the Frog. They spent their days exploring the forest, discovering hidden gems, and playing by the shimmering lake. The Enchanted Forest was a place of harmony and delight, where every creature had a role to play.

Yet, Poppy, Buzz, and Finn faced a unique challenge: they had trouble concentrating on their tasks because of ADHD. They often found themselves distracted by the many enchanting sights and sounds of the forest, unable to focus on their responsibilities.

Chapter 2:

Seeking Guidance One sunny afternoon, as the friends struggled to complete their chores, they decided to seek help. They had heard tales of the Wise Owl, an ancient creature who lived atop the tallest tree in the forest, known for her vast knowledge and understanding. Together, they embarked on a journey to find her, hoping she could provide a solution to their problem.

After a long and arduous climb, they finally reached the Wise Owl's nest. She listened intently as they shared their challenges and offered them advice. The Wise Owl told them of a special stone hidden deep within the forest that possessed magical powers. This stone, when activated, would provide the friends with the motivation and focus they needed to concentrate on their tasks.

Unlock the rest of their story to hear about how their lives changed after discovering the magical stone...

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You'll receive all 3 of the Notion Concentration Companions including instructions on how to easily embed them into any Notion Page!

3 Concentration Companions
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The Story of Their Adventure
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Notion Concentration Companion Sticker Bundle

3 ratings
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